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Perfect interpretation of snake jewelry

Continuation of the "perfect" the story of the background, the film "very lucky" to tell the story is still a cartoon girl Sophie story. The queen of flowers rose fragrance charm escape control, easy passage of time. Rooted in the deep historical heritage, Bulgari always to tilt the world divas as source of inspiration - from the majesty of the Egyptian Yan after Cleopatra to the legendary actress Elizabeth & middot; Taylor, without exception.

By revealing the horizon of dark reddish purple, laden with Pan light pearl grey, a flash of indigo to the horizon stretches, when the sun shines down and building energy mapping out thousands of bright iridescent. Lucia Boscaini, Bvlgari global communications director Sté phane, Mr. In this Serpenti watch, the snake totem of smart and Tubogas craft the perfect combination, to show a bold, charming and unique elegant temperament.

Perfect interpretation of snake charm.. Serpenti is her most favorite. To many graceful and colorful jewelry and watches the interpretation of the beauty of the snake - when the snake smart attitude moment between freeze, as if Immortal sculptural bearing from the 1940's strength and vitality.

Each piece of work design inspiration comes from the ancient Rome architecture of the mosaic, is also a tribute to the history of Bvlgari.



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