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Showing unique Bvlgari and unprecedented harmony

Showing unique Bvlgari and unprecedented harmony. Liu, visit the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the exhibition. Michelle & middot; Corey (Michelle Dockery) Per Day Bulgari Diva series rose flower type rings, earrings and bracelets, appear elegant and moving. SERPENTI collection of antique jewelry and watch fair selection of self since the 60s of the 20th century a variety of Pierre, with to the display in the form of pictures, portrait interpretation since the advent of Bvlgari SERPENTI serpentine watch, in various stages of the history of this theme bold interpretation.

From, with long and deep historical and cultural heritage of Rome, Italy, Bvlgari, fascinated to the Chinese people for jade unique understanding, impressed on the implication of cultural philosophy. With the little lights lit, glittering and translucent & quot; Diamond & quot; burst out countless glints of light, which reflects the infinite Guanghua, beautiful and vivid SERPENTI jewelry show in front of the guest spot, Shin Kong instantaneous transforms the brightest star in the night, live view of all without exception, experience the SERPENTI the crystal clear diamond light perception. Movement: quartz movement. CRC pearl mother of pearl luster or decoration in the center of the torsional lines, sparkling diamond embellishment, from dawn to dusk, LVCEA to multiple posture that women spend time.

Contains the time round case symbol sustainable, also represents the eternal mother of love and gratitude. gems and color master masterpiece LE.GEMME family jewels in a luxury fragrance series as a "Travel" charming fragrance of the fragrance is the symbol of six plesant Concerto, each a were smell language perfect interpretation of the Bvlgari brand story mark gem: Amethyst, pink tourmaline, turquoise, olivine, topaz and Moonstone, unprecedented the family jewels in art and fragrance Maestro closely.




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