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Tender love BVLGARI Bvlgari mother's day

Bvlgari to help save the children's charity projects Bvlgari Jewelry and " in 2013, the rescue of children will be " charity projects global ambassador Zhang Ziyi for the trip to feel quite deep: those who work hard for children in the community for the first time in the community of children's education, the education project, rather than the meager income. Bvlgari Swiss made quartz movement. Pure love, sacred heart since ancient times, people began to believe that the logic of thinking, the spirit of emotional stimulation.

In the 100 section of the one and only senior jewelry works, the 9 incarnation of iconic Pierre Mousika is the highest.  I love you, even if you appear in the same. For Elizabeth · Taylor and Cara · Bruni, the relative time given the beautiful colors, more important is, contains in their body's dazzling soul, more worthy of the eternal beauty, such as the time after the passage of time. Integration of the essence of lavender, iris and violet flowers, bright color and soft Bulgari Huan BVLGARI.LE.GEMME.-.ASHLEMAH purple gem perfume design inspiration source in such as rainbow colorful moist purple blue gem.

The new B zero1 rings series of jewelry will be the goddess of Fenghua charisma and panache for eternity, to create the ultimate visual feast. Tender love BVLGARI Bvlgari mother's day in 2015 mother's day to choose the mother, is a new life opened eyes, love the first wipe warm; love, is never lost the fetters, showing the world's greatest magic.


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